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November 17, 2012
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I would recommend to everyone!

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 17, 2012, 5:13 AM

I would recommend to everyone! If you want to see a really good, wonderful galleries, visit the following links:

JOCELYNERY :iconjocelyner:
Pretty In Yellow by JocelyneR The Queen And Her Realm by JocelyneR Yes I will get it! by JocelyneR
Happy Squirrel 02 by JocelyneR Yes, I See You Too! by JocelyneR Do Not Disturb! by JocelyneR  
American Robin - a Male by JocelyneR Poupine Discovering the Outside World by JocelyneR Alpine Columbine Bending Down. by JocelyneR  
Hehe! Trouble ahead! by JocelyneR Decay... by JocelyneR Sweet Poupine by JocelyneR
I got them! by JocelyneR Female Purple Finch by JocelyneR Alpine Columbine by JocelyneR  
Poupine Resting at Last... by JocelyneR Little Goddess BW - for Dana by JocelyneR Sunrise Above the Clouds by JocelyneR  
Baby Poupine in Shadow by JocelyneR Sunset on the Bay in Fall by JocelyneR

ROSES 2011 :iconrosecs:
Fairies Live Here by RoseCS The Portal by RoseCS In my hands by RoseCS  
Lady of the Spiders by RoseCS The Kunoichi by RoseCS Ritual by RoseCS  
Love in the seas by RoseCS The Wanderer by RoseCS hope by RoseCS

LUCILALEYLA :iconlucilaleyla:
Felicidad by LUCILALEYLA Butterfly  Kisses by LUCILALEYLA Thinking of You....II by LUCILALEYLA  
Want A Ride? by LUCILALEYLA You're In My Heart by LUCILALEYLA Serenade to Spring by LUCILALEYLA
Happy Birthday by LUCILALEYLA Lost In This Moment by LUCILALEYLA Be My Valentine by LUCILALEYLA
Stay Still My Child..... Auch!!! Mommmm!!!! by LUCILALEYLA Angel Thoughts by LUCILALEYLA Precious Innocence I by LUCILALEYLA
Precious Innocence IV by LUCILALEYLA

MUSTAFASEZER :iconmustafasezer:
Mermaid by MustafaSEZER Big lovers by MustafaSEZER Golden color time by MustafaSEZER
autumn sunset by MustafaSEZER tonight E-5 by MustafaSEZER Have a great evening by MustafaSEZER
Come on let's go by MustafaSEZER  

PRINTSILIKE :iconprintsilike:
Golden Eagle by printsILike North British by printsILike The Wickerman 2012 by printsILike
Contrasts by printsILike Mystery and Imagination by printsILike Drum Horse - Blues and Royals by printsILike
Bromeliads by printsILike Over the rainbow by printsILike The Portal by printsILike
Magic Mushrooms by printsILike Through the looking glass by printsILike Dynamism by printsILike
Stag and Co by printsILike Locomotive Thomas Edmondson by printsILike Tanfield Loco by printsILike

MOMOTTE 2 :iconmomotte2:
Bonny the marmot in a tree by Momotte2 The cutest exotic rodents by Momotte2 Alpin argus in the summer end by Momotte2
Global warming in Alps by Momotte2 Stealth encounter in mountains by Momotte2 On the vertiginous path by Momotte2
Sweet Dido Longwing by Momotte2 Key of the Squirrel Kingdom by Momotte2 The path of dreams by Momotte2
Friendship by Momotte2 Secret Paradise by Momotte2 Princess of marmots by Momotte2

ARTBYTERESA :iconartbyteresa:

CLAUDIO51 :iconclaudio51:
La grotta della Sfera by claudio51 castellobis by claudio51 Composizione3245bis by claudio51
Composizione7573 by claudio51 Composizione3097bis by claudio51 Composizione7572 by claudio51
Composizione7571 by claudio51 Composizione7570 by claudio51 Composizione7569 by claudio51
Composizione4187bis by claudio51 Composizione559bis by claudio51 Composizione7568 by claudio51

GUDRUN355 :icongudrun355:
Bridge and Water by GUDRUN355 Housatonic by GUDRUN355 First Snow by GUDRUN355
Tashua Burying Ground by GUDRUN355 Misty River by GUDRUN355 Geese at Beardsley Park by GUDRUN355
Berries by GUDRUN355 Japanese Maple by GUDRUN355

SESAM -IS-OPEN :iconsesam-is-open:
Under Lucky Stars by sesam-is-open Unique by sesam-is-open La Vie En Rose by sesam-is-open
OPAL by sesam-is-open Reverie by sesam-is-open Genuine by sesam-is-open
Golden Whispers by sesam-is-open Una Rosa Per Juno by sesam-is-open Sweet Summer Dream by sesam-is-open
Un Modo Per Dire Ti Amo by sesam-is-open Elegance by sesam-is-open One Petal One Thought by sesam-is-open
Goblen- Portrait of a Lady by sesam-is-open PURITY by sesam-is-open Made in Heaven by sesam-is-open

BIBIARTS :iconbibiarts:
Elizabeth by BiBiARTs Autumn by BiBiARTs Romance by BiBiARTs
Alone And Confused by BiBiARTs My Daddy by BiBiARTs World of fairy tales by BiBiARTs

PLACI1 :iconplaci1:
msc2021 by Placi1 Flwr-1630 by Placi1 Flwr-1627 by Placi1
msc2018 by Placi1 msc2016 by Placi1 Flwr-1613 by Placi1
Flwr-1611 by Placi1 msc189 by Placi1 rainy day-3 by Placi1
Flwr-1603 by Placi1 msc186 by Placi1 fng77 by Placi1

JOE-MACCER :iconjoe-maccer:
Towards A Dream by Joe-Maccer A Strange Day by Joe-Maccer Darkness by Joe-Maccer
Not Fade Away by Joe-Maccer Somewhere Trouble Don't Go by Joe-Maccer Planets of the Universe by Joe-Maccer
Just a Little Something by Joe-Maccer Burning Sky by Joe-Maccer I Put a Spell On You by Joe-Maccer
Did You Hear 'What Mama Said?' by Joe-Maccer In The Light by Joe-Maccer You're All I Need To Get By by Joe-Maccer

BRIPHOTOGRAPHY1 :iconphotographsbybri:
Smoke on the Water Fire in the Sky by PhotographsByBri A Splash of Blue by PhotographsByBri Red by PhotographsByBri
Fall in Red by PhotographsByBri Beauty's of Autumn by PhotographsByBri Ripples of Fall by PhotographsByBri
Fall Was a Splash by PhotographsByBri Against Color by PhotographsByBri

INGELINE-ART :iconingeline-art:
church in darkness by ingeline-art winter night cats by ingeline-art lilac flowers by ingeline-art
games in park by ingeline-art wooden figures by ingeline-art Altar Koetzting by ingeline-art
look in church inside Koetzting 2 by ingeline-art

JENNY STOKES :iconjennystokes:
House 9 by jennystokes Mushroom house by jennystokes Tree house by jennystokes
Flower tree house by jennystokes run run run by jennystokes Cat Glass by jennystokes
C'est moi by jennystokes Jokers wild in colour by jennystokes Shapes 45 by jennystokes
Mummy please talk to me? by jennystokes So grumpy this morning by jennystokes Shapes again......... by jennystokes

HARLEERIDER :iconharleerider:
:thumb336576353: :thumb334107486: :thumb328351306:
:thumb328004342: :thumb325420486:

CAVAMI :iconcaryandfrankarts:
The Mask of Deception by CaryAndFrankArts The Novice by CaryAndFrankArts The Grace by CaryAndFrankArts
For you by CaryAndFrankArts Fairy Manga by CaryAndFrankArts The Magical Energy of Love by CaryAndFrankArts

FRANK-1956 :iconfrankandcarystock:
Little Island by FrankAndCarySTOCK A Tree with a Heart by FrankAndCarySTOCK Pink by FrankAndCarySTOCK
Two Colors by FrankAndCarySTOCK Spring by FrankAndCarySTOCK Artistic Flower by FrankAndCarySTOCK
Stone Hand by FrankAndCarySTOCK Lamp by FrankAndCarySTOCK Castle by FrankAndCarySTOCK
Chair by FrankAndCarySTOCK Stone Head by FrankAndCarySTOCK

MI-ETERNA-PRIMAVERA  :iconmi-eterna-primavera:
:thumb338177390: :thumb335992429: :thumb334551038:
:thumb333531548: Fading Dream by mi-eterna-primavera Forgotten melody by mi-eterna-primavera

GIGI50 :icongigi50:
Celebrations by gigi50 Uhhhhh by gigi50 What goes there by gigi50
A bouquet to brighten your day by gigi50 Pink Blush by gigi50 Frozen Joy by gigi50
Bubble gum pink and baby blue by gigi50 Rainbow love by gigi50 Miniature Husky by gigi50
Canelle ... by gigi50 Meet my model for today by gigi50

DIEFFI :icondieffi:
LOVE by Dieffi holiday sunset 2 by Dieffi golden forest by Dieffi
gold and silver by Dieffi fly by Dieffi

DUZETDARAM :iconduzetdaram:
Moonlight dream by duzetdaram De la Roca (Dwayne Johnson) by duzetdaram The Crown and the Lotus by duzetdaram
Matte Painting Scene by duzetdaram lion (kruger Park) by duzetdaram zebra (Kruger Park South Africa) by duzetdaram

LA-BOHEME :iconla--boheme:
Lacrimus by La--Boheme Custodian by La--Boheme Masquerade by La--Boheme
The Archer by La--Boheme :thumb321592667: Venetian mask, cut out by La--Boheme

ANDEBYFUL  :iconandebyful:
billeder nr.1.796 by andebyful billeder nr.1.785 by andebyful billeder nr.1.773 by andebyful
billeder nr.1.771 by andebyful

MADGARDENs :iconmadgardens:
Shades of Autum XXIIIA by MadGardens Shades of Autum XXIII by MadGardens Who's Watching by MadGardens
Leaving a Galactic Footprint by MadGardens

PRINCESASEVILLA :iconprincesasevilla:
All Rapunzels by PrincesaSevilla Gypsy Bride 2 by PrincesaSevilla Goth Bride by PrincesaSevilla
Kyoko Marisi by PrincesaSevilla

JCCJ756 :iconjccj756:
038 by JCCJ756 Early Winter Blooms 2 by JCCJ756 Arizona 3 by JCCJ756
Flowers for Lara by JCCJ756

MARAZUL45 :iconmarazul45:
Luz de Luna by Marazul45 Pasos by Marazul45 My little paradise by Marazul45
Mariposas ...y una rosa by Marazul45

J-U-D-A-S :iconj-u-d-a-s:
Autumn by J-u-d-a-s .: W i n t e R :. by J-u-d-a-s . : I m m e r s E : . by J-u-d-a-s
. : A b a n d o N : . by J-u-d-a-s

PSHOUDINI :iconpshoudini:
Zeus by PSHoudini Ruins of Tower Bridge + .PSD by PSHoudini Leaping Stallion + .PSD by PSHoudini
Music on a Cliff + .PSD by PSHoudini

MOTHEREARTH01 :iconmotherearth01:
Echo's Of The Ocean by motherearth01 The Trapped Soul by motherearth01 Sunflower by motherearth01
Loss by motherearth01

PHILIPPEL :iconphilippel:
Napping Kitty for Jocelyne by philippeL Eagle for Flori by philippeL The Cutie of the Attic by philippeL
Rural Scenery by JocelyneR by philippeL

SAZA11 :iconsaza11:
The call of heaven by saza11 Dead End by saza11 wondering by saza11
to the castle of oblevian by saza11

SWEEDIES :iconsweediesart:
Frozen by SweediesArt The Nightmare by SweediesArt Happy Halloween My Love by SweediesArt
Addicted to Books..or Facebook by SweediesArt

TIGLES1ARTISTRY :icontigles1artistry:
The Winds Start Blowing by Tigles1Artistry Cosmic Love For Roelle by Tigles1Artistry Searching for Avalon I by Tigles1Artistry
Simple Beauty by Tigles1Artistry

JASSY2012 :iconjassy2012:
Fractale green Ball by Jassy2012 Stock Fractale 15 by Jassy2012 Fractals by Jassy2012
Fractals by Jassy2012

ARTE-DE-JUNQUEIRO :iconarte-de-junqueiro:
Flowing II by Arte-de-Junqueiro Into the pool by Arte-de-Junqueiro Reflections I by Arte-de-Junqueiro
Have you found the lake yet? by Arte-de-Junqueiro

LIOR-ART :iconlior-art:
Over The Clouds by Lior-Art Full lights By Night by Lior-Art Fields Of Energy by Lior-Art
A Light In The Darkness by Lior-Art

LYUTIK966 :iconlyutik966:
small fountain and big theater by Lyutik966 Novodevichy Monastery2 by Lyutik966 sleeping Moscow by Lyutik966
Bridge to Novodevichy Monastery by Lyutik966

SHLOMITMESSICA :iconshlomitmessica:
After the storm 3 by ShlomitMessica Red fish by ShlomitMessica Rising sun2 by ShlomitMessica

MALALADANILA :iconmalaladanila:
:thumb338375617: :thumb336415642: :thumb332355175:

DANAANDERSON :icondanaanderson:
:thumb180353814: :thumb204635957: :thumb145764212:

VOODOOMAMMA :iconvoodoomamma:
:thumb189605903: :thumb164328943: :thumb159939335:

MININESSIE66 :iconmininessie66:
:thumb322758412: :thumb322345464: :thumb297963840:
:thumb299668633: :thumb298142590: :thumb291154821:

STONEDSMEAGOL :iconstonedsmeagol:
:thumb335089749: :thumb332961357: :thumb331471094:

Surrealistic-gloom :iconsurrealistic-gloom:
:thumb304431397: :thumb304426567: :thumb301528220:

Zak05 :iconzak05:
:thumb338901872: :thumb337705268: :thumb336937695:

Selunia :iconselunia:
:thumb335996371: :thumb330049732: :thumb299693052:

Beyzayildirim77 :iconbeyzayildirim77:
:thumb338304030: :thumb333264302: :thumb332606826:

Cyimang :iconcyimang:
:thumb200671637: :thumb200249230: :thumb187392862:

Orange-1 :iconorange-1:
:thumb324063854: :thumb302566405: :thumb200429037:

Vampirekingdom :iconvampirekingdom:
:thumb130445265: :thumb166699221: :thumb130627657:

IgnisFatuusII :iconignisfatuusii:
:thumb338904560: :thumb334383019: :thumb333333297:

Starsapphire2261 :iconstarsapphire2261:
:thumb327977151: :thumb323047829: :thumb321266683:

Thelma1 :iconthelma1:
:thumb327183857: :thumb325267959: :thumb309795552:

Billndrsn :iconbillndrsn:
:thumb332815639: :thumb305599757: :thumb303771931:

Vfrrich :iconvfrrich:
:thumb338704029: :thumb337648943: :thumb336091111:

Chrisma60 :iconchrisma60:
:thumb334304807: :thumb333381678: :thumb308180497:

The list is constantly growing.

My favorit works 2

:thumb332716318: :thumb320936275: :thumb329990104:

My favorit works

:thumb317726373: :thumb314748684:
:thumb311874056: :thumb307508151:
:thumb303281291: :thumb299121063:

CSS by Endru
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Hi sweetheart, and thank you so much for the lovely feature, this is so kind of you :heart:
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